Motorcycle Raffle — Tickets Now Available!

We’re raffling off our show-winning motorcycle for a great cause — the Hermann Youth Center. $50 Per Chance, only 700 tickets available!



Are we looking for you?

We’re building a passionate and unique team of individuals eager to find their home in the whiskey industry! A team of “Brand Ambassadors” that realize the main focus is to ensure every Lionheart Whiskey Co. customer experiences an unrivaled feeling of welcome and joy when visiting our company or enjoying our product. Individuals that want to work for someone who understands that a team that truly loves their job is the only way to to achieve this.

You will get the opportunity to both learn and contribute. You will quickly see that this is not like other companies, this place has a distinct vision, a solid plan and puts people first. You’ll see that we understand that stuffy meetings and corporate structure isn’t what blooms success and that we live by “Give and You shall Receive” and know that it starts with us!

We’re building this company from the ground up, backed by years of experience in business management, sales, marketing, distribution and production. We are grounded firmly in the belief of bringing all those in our company up with us. Meaning, as we grow and achieve more, you will too!

As we bring in more, you will too! It is not going to be easy, but it will be fun!

Would you like to come along? 

Please submit your application to

with the subject line “Job Application” for consideration.